The changing face of marketing

The basic principles and tenets of marketing do not change a great deal over time.

But what does change – and often with lightning speed – is the technology we use to get our marketing messages across.

It wasn’t that long ago when the traditional mass media such as TV, newspapers, radio and magazines were the dominant and virtually the only means of communication. Yet today free to air TV stations are struggling to remain profitable and the very existence of newspapers and magazines which have been so powerful for generations is threatened in their current format in the forseeable future.

This is almost entirely due to the onset of digital media and the speed with which social media platforms have become so popular. They reach and engage with target markets in a way that traditional media cannot and at a fraction of the cost. Another great benefit is their interactive capability and an ability to provide instant consumer feedback.

If you do not have a presence in social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ or any of the other emerging sites you are handing your competitors a massive advantage. There are skill sets you need to develop to gain competitive advantage and you need to devote the time required to keep the sites fresh, relevant and interesting. Do this and the rewards will be surprising on the upside.

Have you had any out of the ordinary social media experiences you would like to share?

Garth Kester


About garthkester

I am passionate about marketing and I am keen to share my enthusiasm, opinions and experiences with you.
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